Equipment Finance Statistical Profile

To provide a guide to the equipment finance market, AELA collects statistics directly from members. Data was initially collected on a quarterly basis from the September quarter 2009, and then monthly from July 2011. As not all members are participating in this survey, we have adjusted to provide an estimate for the total general equipment finance industry (ie, excluding fleet leasing companies). In some of the following tables and graphs we have also shown statistics for the fleet leasing industry, supplied by the Australian Fleet Lessors Association (AFLA).    No adjustment has been made to reflect that not all fleet lessors are members of AFLA.

Accordingly we believe this statistical profile, whilst having limitations, provides a guide to the financing of capital equipment in Australia.

For ‘general equipment finance’, new business volume in 2016 was $38.6 billion, and receivables at end December 2016 were $89.7 billion. For the fleet leasing industry, annual volume for 2016 was $5.1 billion. Accordingly, in total the equipment finance industry in Australia in 2016 had new business of $43.7 billion (receivables data is not available for the fleet leasing industry).  These aggregates are illustrated in the accompanying tables and graphs.